Awakening Women Group: Finding Our Balance

Research has finally documented the secret of women’s resiliency. To the well known “flight” and “fight” responses to stress, women have added a third even more functional one. Now labeled, “the tend and befriend response,” it turns out women who thrive do so through the support of other women, often in women’s groups.  

Women of all ages ask the question: “How do we best balance caring for ourselves and our families while making a contribution to the world?

One suggestion is to join this six-week group to explore the question and your own creative answers. We use the transformational forms of InterPlay: movement, music, song, and stillness to access individual and collective creativity, to tell our stories, share our dreams, and support one another in becoming more fully who we truly are.

Contact Sheila to arrange a free phone consultation to see if this women’s group series is right for you, and to learn when the next group will be starting.

(download PDF flyer)

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