Birthing Our Dream

A few weeks later, after the Big No from the universe, friends, Jyoti and Randall proceeded up our driveway, with flip chart and markers in hand. My husband, Richard Citrin, and I, had decided to have a workshop, exploring what we wanted to do next with our careers. The theme that seemed to repeatedly circle back around was “a healthy workplace?” Is there such a thing? What would it look like? And could we create one?”      

My husband and I had each had small private practices, serving individuals and families, but what we wanted was a public practice; to collaborate with others who have complementary skills, in a mutually supportive environment.

We came up with the idea of a behavioral health care clinic and set out to find like-minded professionals who would help us provide out-patient individual, family, and group therapy, movement therapy, biofeedback, play therapy, employee assistance and crisis management services, and career and corporate consultation.

Our entrepreneurial efforts, with the help of our friends, resulted in Iatreia Institute for the Healing Arts in Fort Worth, Texas. Iatreia (whose name means “a place of healers”) was purchased after ten years, by a regional managed care company, Corphealth, who changed our name to Iatreia, Inc.

I learned that health in workplaces, like health in people, is a condition we go in and out of throughout life.  When an organization splits into “them and us” factions, the workplace becomes an unhealthy war zone. It doesn’t matter who is the “us” and who is the “them” (executives/workers, employees/suppliers, professionals/support staff, providers/payers) –once the division occurs, the stress is unhealthy for most all living things.

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