Reclaiming & Celebrating Your Inner Girl Dance

  1. Find some music that moves you and play it.
  2. Begin moving in any way that your body feels like moving.
  3. Imagine yourself as the four year old girl you once were.
  4. When you find a movement that feels satisfying, repeat it for as long as it feels good. Then switch to another movement that feels satisfying to your body and repeat that movement.
  5. You might experiment with a movement that has a swing quality. Like when swinging on a swing, there is a lift and a drop, and a lift again.
  6. You might experiment with moving with a thrusting quality – the energy goes out from the center in a straight line. (It helps the power of this movement to accompany it with a sound like practitioners in self defense systems do.)
  7. Sit quietly for a few minutes after you do the movements.
  8. Ask the four-year-old part of yourself how she is feeling.

One thought on “Reclaiming & Celebrating Your Inner Girl Dance

  1. You know my Inner Girl dances all the time! What a lovely gift for girls, young women and any woman who is young at heart.

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