A Mayan Teacher in Pittsburgh

A Mayan teacher from the Yucatan, Ac Tah, was in Pittsburgh last week. In preparation for the Mayan New Age transition which is to occur in 2012, he was on a tour of the United States to hold ceremonies and talks to share the wisdom of his ancestors.

Ac Tah

In the session, “Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times” he said that he wanted to give us two gifts from a menu of three. The first was a way to generate more energy for our busy lives. The second, which works with the pineal gland is a way to expand our thoughts, and the third, a way to lengthen time so we might be able to accomplish more in our daily lives. We were to vote on which two of the three we most desired and then, as a group we’d arrive at the two gifts.

We voted and my two choices did not win but, as it turned out, he gave us all three. Each of these activities were movements that when repeatedly done would essentially change our brains. Ac Tah said that he does not usually teach these secret movements, but now is the time for the “secrets” to become known as resources for everyone as the shift in consciousness is occurring around the globe.

Here are the directions for the first one, which is for generating more energy –

1)     Begin standing on your left foot with the right foot placed on the inside of the left leg at the knee. Arms are extended overhead, one palm on top of the other.

2)     Change feet and stand on your right foot with the left foot on the inside of the right leg at the knee. Arms are at your sides with the palms facing the floor.

3)     Next stand with both feet slightly more than shoulder width apart on the balls of your feet. Arms are out to the side shoulder height, with back straight.

4)     On a single count, return your feet to the floor while bringing your arms forward in front of you, letting out a sound on a large exhale.

5)     Repeat the whole sequence a number of times and do this on a regular basis.

When I showed these movements to my husband he said, “these are dances.” Although Ac Tah did not use that word, that is the word I would use to describe them, particularly when they are done in a continuous and repetitive manner. Go to http://www.actah2012.com/index.php for more information about Ac Tau and his U.S. tour.

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