Soyinka’s Pittsburgh Visit

We went where a duo like us would rarely go.  We joined with some Wing & A Prayer Pittsburgh Players on a safari to the Sarah Heinz house girls’ camp, and to the Mt. Lebanon Village Inter-generational Games. We celebrated youth and honored elder Betty, and the hundreds of volunteers from all the ages in between that enable folks like Betty to stay in their own homes.  We played with the Pittsburgh Playback Theater troupe and remembered again, that playing together is the very best way to get to know one another.

The African American women at the EVE project and at the black women in law enforcement conference loved you and your drum, flute, and song. Those police women knew you really got them when you asked, “how many times a day do you need to decide, in an instant, whether to enter a situation with a thrust, a hang, a shape or a swing?“

At an in-service for the staff of Gwen’s Girls, we explored the impact of culture and invited the workers to explore their group’s culture as well. Sharing stories as partners, we told each other some of what we knew and some of what we don’t know.  In the listening, we discovered some of what we didn’t know we didn’t know, and some of what we knew that wasn’t so. And it was all a blessed thing.

Godspeed to your next divine assignment, Soyinka. We’ll dance on your behalf until your return engagement in Pittsburgh.

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