Creating Our Reality?

I have found it more than a little annoying when people would say, “we create our own reality.” When my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, this expression became especially insulting and hurtful. Who, in or out of their right mind, would create a major illness for themselves? And how can people heal if they are busy blaming themselves for inflicting this self-harm.

But my understanding of the grain of truth in this expression is “evolving” to borrow the verb President Obama used for himself recently. In looking through the lens of quantum physics, energy responses to mindful attention. Waves become particles and particles become waves related to their being observed. So as the observer, we can and do affect the world around us, and the outcome of events. Most people have noticed that what we pay attention to grows or expands. But we also know wishing and praying doesn’t always make something become a reality.

An articulate description of quantum physics and the mind/body/universe connection is in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza. It seems the key to creating our own reality is in having an alignment between our thoughts, which are the language of the brain, and our feelings, which are the language of the body. When they are not in alignment, (we want wealth but we feel poor) the messages we are sending into the quantum field are incoherent and mixed.

The quantum field is an invisible intelligence, a field of  infinite possibilities, a universal intelligence. As Dispenza states it, “our mission is to move into a state of consciousness that allows us to connect with this intelligence and see the results that we want in our lives.”

An important aspect of this process of what I would call, co-creating our reality is that outcomes must surprise us.  We don’t control how our prayers are answered and if we can predict how an outcome will occur, we are in the world of classical Newtonian physics, the world of cause and effect, which continues to operate alongside the quantum one. When we can hold a clear intention of what we want, leave the “how” details to the unpredictable quantum field, and enlist others to join our intentions, the one thing that is predicable are the surprises that will unfold.

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