The Day of the Mother Has Arrived

Everywhere I look I seem to see a pregnant lady. This is more likely to happen in the summer time, when women aren’t wearing layers of clothing to keep warm. And I must admit, this particular noticing could be related to the fact my son and his partner are expecting their first child, my granddaughter, this September. Women dance PregnantI could just have babies on my mind.  There’s the very pregnant gal in my Zumba class that I first noticed the other day, due to her cute workout attire. When I complimented her outfit she commented she didn’t have much choice in what she could fit into these days. Her baby’s due early September.

Coming home and looking through the paper, I saw that Yahoo has just appointed their first women CEO. Of course, being a woman of a certain age, I rejoiced at this development. In reading the details, however I learned the more dramatic news – that 37 year old Marissa Mayer is pregnant and due to deliver her first child in October.

Wow! The times they have a-changed! In the old days, women kept the news of their being in a family way, a secret as long as possible. Marissa MayerThis was particularly necessary if they were interviewing for jobs or hoping to be promoted in their workplaces.  Having a pregnant lady at the helm of the ship is a big deal because of what it does to the traditional barriers of the good ol’boy network, the glass ceiling, the baby track, and people’s ignorance.

I’ve always felt this baby-carrying factor the heart of the matter, the one difference between the sexes that makes all the others seem moot. If this works out for all involved it doesn’t mean that it always will, but it is a demonstration, in an industry whose signature force is innovation and creativity, that to stay competitive, its best to not exclude the gifts of one half the population. I’m wishing Ms. Mayer and Yahoo the very best. I may just get that pregnant lady in my Zumba class to help me celebrate.

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