Finding That Energy Again

We hadn’t known one another for very long at the time. Perhaps that’s why we took an entire sunny spring afternoon to be together. We walked in a park built around a small man made lake. In those days the park rented small sailboats, paddle boats, and canoes, but not that day. It was too early in the Nebraska spring for such activity. But the weeping willows, some of the first trees to bud, were out. They stood as sentinels on the edge of the lake, their serpentine branches swinging softly in the breeze, occasionally dripping their edges into the lake itself.

On our walk, there was a great deal of silence between us and as I remember it, a deep sense of relaxation. As the light played with the yellow willow leaves, we’d stop and sit on a bench for a spell, then walk on, drawn by a clustering of ducks at one end of the lake. We held hands as we walked, which I guess is why I say we hadn’t known each other very long. That’s a behavior people do in the early months of a relationship. But it was here that the discovery was made.

I’m not sure who noticed it first, but we both definitely agreed, there was a soft energy coming from our hands. We could feel it in our own hands and in the hands of one another. Later I would see pictures of the energy around plants that shows up as light through Kirlian photography, a process that was invented in Russia around that time. As what always happens with scientific methods, controversy has sprung up around it, but for me, seeing the images confirmed what we were noticing that day. For years afterwards, on certain occasions we’d say to one another, “your hands have that energy again.”

Does this energy, and the quality of the light, correspond to the health of the living entities as the Kirlian’s believed? Could it be a measure of the health of a relationship? Is this the life force energy some call “God”? The Stillpoint around which all else in life revolves?

I can’t answer any of these questions for sure. But I know that I miss holding hands, taking time to stroll together with no destination in mind, and I miss especially, the confirmation and comfort of the energetic connection between us.  Kirlian photography

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