Embodied Connections

Growing up as a dancer the body was, and still is, my first language. I often sense or “know” things before I can explain them to myself or anyone else. This has caused me some difficulties since I, like you, grew up in a culture where the top priority or measurement of intelligence was Mental Intelligence (IQ).

 toddler-excitedFortunately in recent years, another kind of intelligence, Emotional Intelligence,(EI) has become recognized in some circles as important to our personal and social lives. And finally, the importance of Body Intelligence (BI) is coming into our culture’s awareness.

 As a teacher and practitioner of InterPlay, an art-based approach to unlocking the wisdom of the body, and the president of Body Wisdom, Inc,. its national board, I know something about the intelligence of the body but I’ve struggled to find the language to communicate about this to others. Among InterPlayers who are working and playing together to master body intelligence we speak of “going the speed of the body,” recognizing that what may take seconds or minutes to conceive will take hours, months, or years to achieve.  During our on-line board meetings, we remind each other that we are attempting to be a “body-wise non-profit,” meaning we aim to not push people beyond the limitations of their physical human capabilities in order to achieve our organizational goals. The good life is about the journey not just the destination.

1146703_10151654919806655_830122018_n What does body intelligence look like? According to an upcoming online conference on body intelligence here are some of its benefits – From Visceral fear to embodied sense of love, Separation to deep connection, Depleted to energized, Rigid to flowing, Uncreative to Powerfully Generative, Working hard to Joyful Ease, Low-level anxiety to Calm, Stress to Dynamic Energy, Chronic body issues to Radiant health, Discomfort to Delight, Heaviness to Playfulness, Adrenal overdrive to Relaxed energy.

 Join me in attending this free online conference Monday February 10 – Wednesday February 10 2014.    http://bodyintelligencesummit.com/  We’ll hear from scientists, dancers, and health professionals. InterPlay, Co-founder Cynthia Winton-Henry, will be a featured speaker. And let’s find a way to talk about it after we attend.

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