Stillpoint: The Dance of Selfcaring, Selfhealing

i wrote this book more than 20 years ago so it’s time for a revision. Much has happened in the world of self compassion, and self care. I want to include wisdom from the new psychology of happiness and well being. When I wrote Stillpoint selfcare was often confused with selfishness and I felt the need to offer tools to heal myself and the women students and clients who, like me, often harmed themselves while caring for and serving others.  Stay tuned to learn more about the upcoming revised version. It’s new name will be Stillpoint: A Selfcare Playbook For Caregivers to Find Ease, Time to Breathe and Reclaim Joy. 

Meanwhile I’m offering this original version of Stillpoint at a reduced price of $6. Consider purchasing copies for gifts or for students in the helping professions.  This volume is full of stories, poems, whimsical songs, quizzes, meditations, affirmations, strategies and practices –  all focused on helping professional and family caregivers take care of themselves. Tools for self-healing are also included along with resources and sample rituals to transform both careers and caregivers.

“Stillpoint: The Dance of Selfcaring, Selfhealing,” a playbook for people who do caring work, Sheila K. Collins, TLC Productions, Fort Worth, TX. 1992. themselves. Price: $6.00 S&H: $3.00

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