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“Performing The Book”
by Sheila K. Collins, PhD

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When my book Warrior Mother came out in the fall of 2013, in lieu of traditional book readings, I came up with a way to use the improvisational skills of InterPlay to share the book by performing it. I tried the idea out at the Edinburgh Fringe Book Festival in Scotland with the help of InterPlayers from around the world who had gathered there to perform at the 2013 Fringe Festival. A book performance involves my reading passages from my book, Warrior Mother: Fierce Love, Unbearable Loss, and Rituals that Heal.  Then the players, on the spot and in the moment, use InterPlay’s singing, dancing, story-telling forms to join their stories to mine. This creates a one of a kind performance and a most satisfying experience for me as the author and for the participants and audience members as well. Warrior Mother book performances with participation from locals have happened in bookstores, theaters, botanical gardens, libraries, universities, and art studios in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Oakland and Alameda CA, Fort Worth, Austin and Dallas, TX, and Des Moines, and Iowa City, IA. and Brattleboro, VT. To schedule an event near you call 817 706-4967.

Surviving and Thriving Through the Tough Stuff: an InterPlay Playshop

Lead by master InterPlay teacher, Sheila K. Collins, this two and a half hour playshop explores the life-affirming, moving, singing, storytelling, writing tools of InterPlay.  Looking for the good, we’ll access and share artful ways of navigating through some of life’s challenging circumstances. Dr. Collins shares excerpts from her book, Warrior Mother: Fierce Love, Unbearable Loss and the Rituals that Heal and invites workshop participants to share stories of their own experiences navigating through the tough stuff.