PACE’s Sixth Inclusive Voices Luncheon

PACE IV-6 evite (7)

Finding answers to the Pittsburgh community’s problems starts with having the right people at the table, asking the right questions, and listening carefully to people’s diverse ideas and opinions. This is exactly what will be happening at PACE’s Sixth Inclusive Voices Luncheon on Friday March 21st from 11:30 – 1:30 pm at the Westin Hotel.

I am honored to be among the 30 conversationalists who will be hosting tables at this annual fund-raising event. Click here to see their names and to purchase tickets.

The luncheon is an intimate and exceptional opportunity for meaningful conversations that have the power to effect positive change in our city. Bring a neighbor or friend, perhaps someone of a different generation, professional field, or from a different racial or ethnic background. This is the perfect setting for the easy exchange of ideas and commitment to action.   Converse, Listen and Learn!