InterPlay® Pittsburgh


InterPlay® Community Play

InterPlay is a story-telling, movement, community-building practice with a focus on ease, connection, reflection, and play. This Playshop, taught by members of the improvisational troupe, Wing & A Prayer Pittsburgh Players introduces the basics of InterPlay and moves along at the speed of the bodies in the room each day. Expect gentle guided activities, lots of relaxation laughter and FUN. People of all ages, and levels of physical abilities welcome!  Family Friendly — Bring the Kids!! To RSVP, directions or additional information call Lois “Toni” McClendon 412 708-8734 Like us on Facebook at InterPlay Pittsburgh 

InterPlay® Life Practice Program

The InterPlay® Life Practice Program lead by Sheila K. Collins will be offered in the Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Youngstown area for four weekends in 2017.  January, March, June, and September. The program begins with the retreat weekend “The Secrets of InterPlay®,” being scheduled for the fall of 2016. The retreat weekend begins Thursday evening and goes through Sunday at noon. The followup Life Practice weekend sessions begin on Friday evening and end on Sunday at noon.

The “The Secrets of InterPlay®,” offers an immersion in the InterPlay philosophy and practice and participants learn many useful tools for their work and personal lives. The year long InterPlay Life Practice program includes:

  • “The Secrets of InterPlay®,” a multiple-day retreat presented in several locations each year where you will be immersed in the InterPlay® philosophy and practice.
  • Four Friday to Sunday weekends offered seasonally – winter, spring, summer and fall that include sessionsplay, presentation, discernment, and interaction, where participants have a chance to explore new options in a supportive community.
  • Regular on line sessions in-between the 4 seasonal weekend sessions where participants can continue their playful explorations with the support of the community.
  • Three (3) focus sessions during which time each participants receives personal support from the program leaders and the group members to get more of what they want.

Reading and writing assignments help participants apply InterPlay® insights to their own life. In addition, you will be asked to accumulate 50 hours of InterPlay® experience, including at least one “untensive” (a multiple-day retreat) in your region. These hours are not included in the program tuition.  Although some previous experience with InterPlay® is encouraged, there are no prerequisites for taking part in the InterPlay® Life Practice Program or in attending “The Secrets of InterPlay®”retreat. Go to to learn more. Contact Sheila or the Body Wisdom office to register for these programs.

InterPlay® Videos