Sheila Collins has 20 plus years experience as a small business owner and consultant to both profit and non-profit organizations on the care and feeding of their most valuable resource – their employees.

  • Do people in your workplace consider it a healthy place to work?
  • Do your employees and colleagues know their own and others’ strengths and build upon them?
  • Are employees in your work setting engaged and forthcoming in contributing their creative ideas?
  • Do your employees have the skills to collaborate with other organizations in your community on behalf of accomplishing your mission?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should consider a consultation with Sheila Collins. Dr. Collins has consulted with the following organizations:

  • K-12 school districts throughout Nebraska
  • Sanger Harris Department Store, Zale Corporation through the Women and Work Research and Resource Center
  • Value Behavioral Health, North Texas – Developing procedures to support group practices.
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield, North Texas – Instituting program to address psychological, behavioral, and social co-factors for persons with heart disease, diabetes, and chronic pain.
  • Human Service Agencies in Western Nebraska, through University of Nebraska – Improving services to minorities (Mexican American and Native American people)