Awakening Women – Finding Our Balance

A Support Group for Women

Research has finally documented the secret of women’s resiliency. Women who thrive do so through the support of other women, often in women’s groups.  Most women experience the stress of family and work demands, all the while wanting to make a difference in the larger world. So this six week group explores the question – “How do we best balance caring for ourselves and our families while making a contribution to the world?”

Using the expressive forms of InterPlay: movement, music, song, and stillness, we tell our stories, share our dreams, and support one another in becoming more fully who we already are.

Leader: Sheila K. Collins PhD is a multi-talented elder who lives in the Pittsburgh community. A therapist, dancer, teacher, author, Sheila has a deep dedication to women and girls and their emerging roles in a transformed community. She directs Wing & a Prayer Pittsburgh Players, an InterPlay-based performance troupe and InterPlay Pittsburgh. She is on the national board of Body Wisdom, Inc. the non-profit organization that oversees InterPlay activities around the world.

Contact Sheila to participate in the Women’s Group – Awakening Women: Finding Our Balance.