Life Coaching

I believe that everyone has within them what they need to move forward creatively in their lives. But accessing those resources and putting them to use can be difficult sometimes, especially during times of family or work crises. That’s where a relationship with a trusted advisor, who offers support and guidance, can make all the difference. Research suggests that people, who receive support while going through challenging events, are more likely to be strengthened by the experience of dealing with them. For over 25 years, as a teacher, solution-focused psychotherapist, and a national leader in the use of movement and expressive arts therapies, I’ve been assisting people in turning life’s challenges into opportunities for growth resulting in an enriched life. And now, through advancements in technology, I am able offer my services to people no matter where they live. My approach, whether delivered in person, through email, skype, telephone, or some combination of these vehicles, always consists of five elements:

  1. A focus on strengths;
  2. Offering ways to increase self-awareness;
  3. Providing provocative questions to challenge assumptions;
  4. Encouraging an incremental and playful approach to initiating and/or responding to change; and
  5. Engaging a client’s creativity in addressing the current situation, and as they choreograph their future.