Improv Jam – Playing With the Tough Stuff

Wing & A Prayer Pittsburgh Players, and guest improvisors from the Pittsburgh Community
January 29 at 3 pm. Bodiography Street Level Studio  5824 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA

Calling all dancers, actors, singers, musicians and regular folk interested in using the tools of Improvisation as a survival strategy when tough stuff happens. You can come and cheer us on, provide situations you’d like to see us tackle, and/or join into the action when it seems inviting.



Performance Jams

Affirming! Captivating! Fun! This format provides the opportunity to play with a topic, using InterPlay® forms of dance, music, song, and storytelling and to engage the audience/witnesses in the process. In Pittsburgh, our InterPlay® troupe, Wing and a Prayer Pittsburgh Players have played with such topics as:

  • Money, Money, Money (Playing with the taboo topic of personal finances)
  • All About Women (for International Women’s Day)
  • Girls, Grit and the G-20 (exploring the Girl Effect)
  • Going Green (Exploring ways of becoming kinder to our environment)

In this format, troupe members, after taking words from the audience, play with the theme. Next, the audience members are taught some simple InterPlay® forms to play with among themselves. Finally, those who wish to, join us for a grand finale.

Seeding Cultures of Peace

According to the poet, Adrienne Rich, “The root of aggression is the failure of connection.”  And some might say the root of aggression is not knowing when or how to connect and disconnect. In this community-building weekend workshop, since the “shortest distance between two people is a story,” people are directed and coached to tell their own stories in words, movement, music, and song. Participants  of all ages discover commonalities and differences, and practice connecting, disconnecting and celebrating it all.

The Process

Seeding Cultures of Peace involves bringing together a diverse group of people willing to share the stories of their ancestors, families, neighborhoods, and countries or regions. Using InterPlay® forms of movement, song, music, and story, participants go on a fun journey together, discovering what they have in common, and celebrating what makes them unique. The weekend event culminates in a community-based improvisational performance for friends and family members. Seeding Cultures of Peace projects have been done at International Peace Conferences in Bali, Barcelona, and Dallas. Also, in schools, churches, and community centers in Nashville, Asheville, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, and Frankfurt Germany.