Speaking Engagements

Sheila K. Collins is available to speak at your organization on topics such as:

  • How to Bring the Ethic of Play to Your Workplace, and Why You Should Want To The opposite of play is not work, its depression. Study young children on a playground. They are focused, engaged, energetic, enjoying themselves and one another. Learn how some of those qualities can improve the energy of your work site and energize your work teams
  • The Importance of Body Intelligence and How to Develop it.
    Everyone’s familiar with Intellectual Intelligence (IQ) and many know the importance of Emotional Intelligence, (EQ), but what about Body Intelligence? (BQ) This often overlooked third dimension can be the key to intuition, creativity, wise decision making and collective creativity.
  • Overcoming Loss: Keys to a Resilient Recovery
    Nobody’s life is immune to loss whether of a job, your own health, or a loved one. Learn the important elements that make it possible to move on with grace and gratitude to what becomes the new normal.  
  • Five Simple Tools for Getting and Staying Healthy
    Note: None of them come in a bottle


Previous Keynote Speeches & Professional Presentations

InterPlay® with Prisoners: The Power of Performance and Play for Women Prison and Jail Inmates With Lila Morisee, Performing the World ’08 conference, Oct 2-5, 2008. New York City

InterPlay®: Improvisational Dance, Story and Song for Individual and Community Transformation Chautanqua Institute, Chautanqua, N.Y.  Dance Talks Fall, 2007

Interplay®: Enhancing Creativity and Truth-Telling for Individual and Social Transformation, NASW Pennsylvania Annual conference, King of Prussia, PA. March 2006

InterPlay®: Enhancing Creativity and Truth-Telling for Individual and Social Transformation, 9th Annual Spirituality and Social Work Conference, Binghamton University, Binghamton, N.Y. 2004

Applied InterPlay®: What Works and Why, with Barbara Jo Stetezelberger and Beverly Voss, 8th Annual Spirituality and Social Work Conference, Austin, TX. 2003

InterPlay®: The Performance Company Experience” First International InterPlay Conference, Nashville, TN. June, 2004

InterPlay®: The Spiritual Discipline & Ethic of Play as a Path to Peacemaking NASW Texas Annual Conference, Arlington Convention Center, Arlington Texas, Oct. 23, 2003. And at the 8th Annual Spirituality & Social Work Conference, University of Texas at Austin, June 19, 2003.

Selfcare: Antidote to Burnout in Health Care, Leukemia and  Lymphoma Society, Family Support Group Facilitator Training, Tucson, Arizona, December 1, 2001.

Selfcare: Antidote to Burnout in Health Care John Muir Medical Center, Walnut Creek California, September 19, 2001.

The Dance of Selfcare in the Workplace workshop. Also keynote address, Celebration for a Community of Caregivers Southwest Florida Association For Marriage and Family and Charter Glade Behavioral Health System, Fort Meyers, Florida, May 29, 1998.

Celebrating Caregivers: An Expressive Arts Community Event workshop for AIDS, Medicine and Miracles, Dallas, Texas, November 20, 1998.

Selfcare For Social Workers: Experience The Difference workshop for National Association of Social Workers Annual Texas State Conference, Arlington, Texas, November 6, 1997.

Healing the Emotional Body workshop on the Rubenfeld Synergy Method with Mary Jane Hooper and Mary Robinson, Green Oaks Park Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas, November 8, 1997.

Celebrating Social Work: Strengthening Ourselves For The Future, NASW Texas Twentieth Anniversary Conference. Closing Plenary Address, Houston, Texas, November 9, 1996. 

Selfcare and Healthcare: Finding Our Balance Keynote address, Nebraska Women’s Health Symposium. Cornhusker Hotel, Lincoln, Nebraska, May 10, 1996.

Creating An Effective Organizational Culture For Behavioral Group Practices workshop, Behavioral Healthcare Tomorrow National Conference, Institute for Behavioral Healthcare, Dallas, Texas, September 25, 1995

Balancing Your Life: Mind, Body, Spirit Alignment workshop, Nebraska Women’s Health Symposium, Lincoln, Nebraska, March 24, 1995

Healing the Healers: A Strategic Development Case Study with Oliver Markley, Pat Markley, and Richard Citrin at Visions of Health Care Conference, University of Houston, Clear Lake, Texas, April 23, 1993

The Dance of Selfcaring for Caregivers University of Nebraska at Omaha Student Social Work Association, Omaha, Nebraska, March 11, 1993.

“Selfcare for the Caregivers,” Seminar for Wound Management Nurses, Johnson & Johnson Medical Co. Arlington, Texas, November 5, 1993

Let It Be A Dance! Sermon, Unitarian Church, Lincoln, Nebraska, November 11, 1992.

The Dance of Selfcaring: Antidote to Codependence, Workaholism and Burn-out workshop at The Gathering Place, Lincoln, Nebraska. October 31, 1992.

Stress Management: Sanity In The Midst of Crisis AIDS Awareness Weekend, AIDS Outreach Center, Fort Worth, Texas, May 16, 1992

Selfcare and Recovery televised keynote presentation for The Awareness Hour, sponsored by Tarrant Council On Alcohol and Drugs, Fort Worth, Texas, April 13, 1991.

On the Way to Becoming Selfcaring, Selfhealing, invited paper, Texas Association of Marriage and Family Counselors, Tarrant County Chapter, February, 1989

Successful Selfcare Strategies for Surviving and Thriving In the Workplace, workshop for United Way agency managers and directors, March 17, 1989.

Selfcaring, Selfhealing workshop for HCA Richland Hospital. North Richland Hills, Texas, October 1988.

Body Metaphors: Gateway to Our Spiritual Selves,” workshop with Richard Citrin, fundraiser for Continuing Health Education Center, Fort Worth, Texas, July 30, 1988.