The Secrets of InterPlay®

This  multiple-day retreat presented in several locations in the United States each year where you will be immersed in the InterPlay® philosophy and practice. Please contact Sheila Collins for the next retreat in the Pittsburgh area.

Contact us for further information and to reserve your spot.

Also visit the InterPlay® website for lists of other locations where the Secrets of InterPlay retreats are being held.


Lead by master InterPlay teacher, Sheila K. Collins, this two and a half hour playshop will explore the life affirming, moving, singing, storytelling, writing tools of InterPlay.  Looking for the good, we’ll access and share artful ways of navigating through some of life’s challenging circumstances. Dr. Collins will share excerpts from her book, soon–to-be released by She Writes Press, Warrior Mother: Fierce Love, Unbearable Loss and the Rituals that Heal.

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