Studio Two: Grief

Dancing on Behalf of Grieving

Sweat Lodge

When we “dance on behalf of” something as we do in InterPlay, we honor it. We hope and pray for its well being and we come to the theme with all the resources of our body, mind, and spirit.



  • Are you looking for someone to help you shed new light on a difficult life situation?
  • Are you experiencing loss and needing support in your bereavement?
  • Are you going through a tough challenge and looking for a mentor/guide to smooth your path?

If you answered yes to any of these questions – you are in the right place. To aid you in this endeavor you will find in this studio a dance, a song, a meditation, a resource, and an excerpt from my upcoming book, “Dancing on Behalf of Life and Death.”

A Dance on Behalf of Grieving “Grief takes your chi,” my acupuncturist told me after I returned from the funeral of my daughter. So always in times of grief, the dance of rest and stillness is important. But if you have gotten some rest and still feel that everything seems a physical effort, you may need to move. Try a dance we call in InterPlay, “Shape and Stillness.” {CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS}

Singing to Convince Yourself  There are many principles we would like to believe, many truths we would like to embody. And as lovers of African American spirituals, known as Sorrow Songs, can attest, the capacity of singing to facilitate change in one’s emotional state is enormous. And as in the blues, the progression is always from negative to positive. So as we wish for something better, singing can often make it become a reality, even if nothing has changed in our objective reality.

A Grieving Meditation In a situation where we are experiencing loss or the threat of loss, there is a strong need to change our state of consciousness, to spend some time in an altered state of consciousness. Don’t worry if you do not have a formal meditation practice. I’d like to share with you a simple process that I have used. Take it and make your own variations. There really is no right or wrong way to do it.

Excerpt from “Dancing on Behalf of Life and Death”